What You Need to Know on World Autism Awareness

This week, and article written by Joe Dziemianowicz, highlighted what prominent figures in the Autism community felt that we need to know.

“We need to do a much better job when it comes to services and support for children and adults with autism. We need meaningful resources and help for individuals and families. Don’t just talk about doing something to help. Reach out to families that need help.”

Alison Singer, president, Autism Science Foundation

“There are new interventions we know are effective. But research is under threat with the current government cutting NIH funding for research. That will have a negative effect on people with autism. This is the time to double down on research, not to cut it.”

C.J. Volpe, spokesman, Autism Speaks

“We must do more than raise awareness — we must call attention to the diverse needs of people with autism and the challenges they face”

Scott Badesch, president, Autism Society of America

“People with autism are much more aware and intelligent than they appear through our observations,” said McClennen.

“The focus should not be on a cure but on providing support and accommodation in society so that people with autism can express their intelligence and abilities.”

Sandra McClennen, member, Autism National Committee