Navigating the world of insurance and ABA can be confusing.

Steps Therapy offers free insurance support and our administrative team is here to help with managing the process. Because we are experts in the ABA field, we are equipped with information and we know what questions are needed to ask your insurance company.

Enrollment questions:


1. What should I have on hand to get the insurance process started?


  • Copy of the Front & Back of your Insurance Card
  • Child’s Full Name & Date of Birth
  • Policy Holder’s Full Name & Date of Birth
  • Contact Information: Address, Phone Number, and Email
  • Signed Proof of Diagnosis


2. How long does it take for the insurance company to authorize an ABA assessment?


  • The time frame varies by insurance company but one to four weeks is typical. We are well versed in navigating the different procedures for each insurance company and will help to move this process along as quickly as possible.


3. What is the process to getting an authorization after the assessment?


  • After the assessment, a report is submitted to the insurance company and they are responsible for processing an authorization for services. The amount of time varies by insurance company but is generally between 1 – 4 weeks.


4. How many hours a week will my child receive services?


  • The number of hours your child will receive per week is dictated by the results of their assessment and what the insurance company deems to be medically necessary appropriate.

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