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“For me, working at Steps was literally a life-changing experience. With constant support and guidance from the behavior analysts and program directors, I was able to discover new abilities within myself, as well as a whole new career path that I am off to pursue in graduate school. I was encouraged to take on challenges and acquire new certifications, which has helped me grow in immeasurable ways. I am so grateful to everyone at Steps, and have loved every day working with such amazing kids and team members!”

– Emily, employee

“I’ve always been passionate about working with individuals with disabilities. But the passion, talent and dedication of the staff at Steps Therapy inspired me to continue studying ABA, and to one day become a great Behavior Analyst. I loved going to work every day and every time I needed assistance the BCBAs would happily come to my sessions to guide me. I learned a lot at Steps Therapy and I am eternally grateful. My only reason for leaving was having to move across the country, but if I ever go back to San Francisco, Steps Therapy will be the first agency I will apply to. Thank you Steps Therapy for mentoring me.”

– Marla, former employee

“After my time at Steps Therapy, I feel more confident in helping families work through difficult time with their children. Gaining the experience and knowledge of ABA Therapy has really helped me understand how to work with children in the most effective way possible. Moving on to Early Intervention, I have been able to assist parents many times because of what I learned during my time with Steps, and I still find myself using the tools I gained almost every day.”

– Juliet, former employee


“My daughter has been a client of Steps Therapy for over 4 years. Over this time I have consistently witnessed quality, individualized therapy take place in a variety of settings- including our home, local community, school, and after school care. Steps goes above and beyond in providing professional services by maintaining a low turn-over rate, a warm and inclusive atmosphere with parents, and comprehensive programs in order to foster success for their clients. It has been a pleasure working with all of the gifted staff at Steps, who have touched our lives on this unexpected journey.”

– Ashley, Mom

“In the end the therapists we’ve gotten to know over the last 2 years have brought such a calm and positive force to all of our lives. I have learned to let go (a little at a time) and trust, and to not ask so many loaded questions. The therapists are amazing. The way that they integrate my older daughter into the therapy, the way that they patiently (and carefully) answer my questions, treat me like a key part of the team and a valued voice in all things they do with my daughter, acknowledge my role in my daughter’s life, and the positive reinforcement and gentle redirection they give me in my interactions with my daughter, have all been such a revelation. And in all of you I have also felt an emotional support that I never expected. It is so apparent how much you all love what you do and genuinely care for my daughter, and for my family. I really want to truly thank you for all that you do.”

– Deirdre, Mom

“Our 9 year-old daughter has struggled with impulsive issues her whole life. We had tried many interventions, but had only had mild improvements. We were referred to Steps Therapy, and with their thorough evaluation of our issues and needs, matched us with a classroom shadow. One year later, our daughter’s largest improvement in school is largely due to Steps, whose intuitive and sensitive approach, couched in concrete and practical application, changed our lives. Our daughter doesn’t need in class help anymore because of Steps! We loved our team, and can’t say enough about their communication and integrity.”

– Julie, Mom

“Initially, I was devastated to learn that my youngest son was diagnosis with Autism at 2 years old. Our doctor and social worker at California Pacific Medical Center recommended Steps Therapy. I was scared and started looking for services. We have been with Steps Therapy since Feb 2013. He is 4.5 years old now. His abilities has grown and is becoming more independent everyday. Their team has taught him to eat with a spoon, walk outdoors, play on a slide and another thousand skills. The team is great support for mom and son alike 🙂 Thank you Steps Therapy.”

– Lina, Mom