Training & Support to Classrooms

Training & Support to Classrooms

The classroom has its own set of learning and social challenges for a child with an autism spectrum disorder.

Educators may have some familiarity with attentional and behavioral challenges associated with Autism Spectrum Disorders, but each child has unique responses to different situations. Having the appropriate classroom systems in place can make a critical difference in your student’s academic experience.


Steps Therapy offers training and support for teachers, aides, and other professionals, including:


  • Evaluation and design of learning environments
  • Classroom-wide behavior support systems
  • Development of individual or group data collection systems
  • Observation of paraprofessionals and direct support staff paired with in-the-moment training
  • Observation and consultation to teachers
  • Group training to schools and district providers
  • Behaviorally trained support staff and Behavior Analyst supervision in classrooms
  • Data collection and analysis to assist in developing Behavior Intervention Plans (BIPs)