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It is our objective here to offer evidence-based behavioral and educational support services at our client's home, classroom, and community environments for persons with special needs. Through individualizing each child's program, we are able to render the highest quality treatment today.

Our program is supported by empirical research which allows our clients to develop social behavior skills in the least restrictive environment. With the use of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), we aim to maximize the potential of each child. We strive to achieve success with our experience, commitment, and consistency for every client.

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Client Testimonials
In short, Steps Therapy's approach has been completely systematic and professional, but at the same time exquisitely sensitive to our daughters unique needs and issues. The progress we've seen during Steps Therapy's tenure with us has often seemed to be something close to a miracle.
ABA therapy has provided the following benefits:
  • Improved communication, social, and cognitive skills
  • Developed academic skills
  • Increased desirable behaviors
  • Reduced interfering behaviors
  • Maintaining and generalizing learned skills


Importance of Early Intervention

Most professionals emphasize the importance of early intervention in autism spectrum disorders. Acting now can make a big difference.


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